Who Is Pulling Obama’s Strings?

Obama is running for Carter’s Second Term.

Check out the Jimmy Carter – Zbigniew Brzezinski – Barack Obama connection.

Zbigniew Brzezinski was Carter’s National Security Advisor, and is now an Obama Advisor.  (That fact used to be included in Zbig’s wikipedia entry linked above, but that has now been scrubbed to only show a very “politically correct” “endorsement” of Obama.  But here are some links documenting that Zbigniew Brzezinski was in fact an advisor to Obama:

Huffington Post: Obama Adviser Leads Delegation To Damascus

ynetnews: Obama advisor raises concerns

Politico: Obama adviser worries Israel supporters

American Thinker: Samantha Power and Obama’s Foreign Policy Team

American Thinker: Obama Advisor Accuses Jews of ‘McCarthyism’

Zbigniew Brzezinski was the freakin’ co-founder of the Trilateral Commission!  I kid you not.

That wikipedia page has also been scrubbed:
1) To change the previously reported fact that Brzezinski was a co-founder with David Rockefeller, and now say Brzezinski was simply “a Rockefeller advisor”.
2) Say that Brzezinski “left his post” at the Trilateral Commission.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, as Carter’s National Security Advisor, helped to accomplish several of the Communist Goals of 1963, and he is now an Obama Advisor! 

In my opinion, it appears that Obama is the empty suit puppet, and there are some very evil people pulling the strings.

Reagan’s conservatism was an antidote to the abject failure of Carter’s liberalism. The economy is nowhere near as bad as it was under Carter, and this country leans center-right when all is said and done. Let’s see, Reagan promised huge tax cuts. Obama promises huge tax increases. Hmm. Wonder which way to vote?

John the Libertarian on June 4, 2008 at 1:55 PM

UPDATE: Is it any surprise that Obama now promises tax cuts to 95% of the population?  Hey, if your gonna lie about other things, why not lie about tax policy, too?

Look at what Zbigniew Brzezinski “accomplished” as Carter’s National Security Advisor, and ask yourself if Communists are proud of his “accomplishments”:

the normalization of relations with the People’s Republic of China (and the severing of ties with the Republic of China),

the signing of the second Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II),

the transition of Iran to an anti-Western Islamic state,

the arming of the mujaheddin in Afghanistan,

the signing of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties relinquishing U.S. control of the Panama Canal after 1999.

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6 Responses to Who Is Pulling Obama’s Strings?

  1. Mike Harmon says:

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  2. On June 5, 2008, I said:

    Obama is running for Carter’s Second Term.

    Three years later, people are realizing it and saying the same thing:

    ‘Welcome to Jimmy Carter’s Second Term’…

  3. As noted in the post above, what “advisor” do Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama have in common?

    Zbigniew Brzezinski. Who, in my opionion, appears to be a Communist whose anti-Communist “cover” is blown.

    And oh, by the way, Mika Brzezinski (of “Morning Joe”) is his daughter.
    No wonder that show gets text messages directly from the White House.

  4. We rarely use guns to kill people and take their country. The cleanest way is to blackmail, pervert, bribe, lie and intimidate the POLITICIANS and the MEDIA, and they will destabilize and disunify their own country for us. Then all we have left to do is to arm the procommunist or simply criminal factions and we have a coup and another “liberated” country. As neat as that.

    – Former “journalist” for RIA Novosti and former KGB informant, Yuri Bezmenov, in his 1984 “Love Letter to America”

  5. Back when I wrote this post more than three years ago on June 5, 2008, I said:

    Obama is running for Carter’s Second Term.

    Time has proven that is precisely the case…

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