What Country Is This?

In a nation that has not tasted and – with very few exceptions – does not expect or demand justice or freedom, all that matters is stability and security.

You can forget any talk from the new President about “stamping out” corruption. This social and economic disease is insidious and rampant.

In a country where the “separation of powers” has become a bad joke, the law courts are no less corrupt.

The threat of prosecution for tax fraud is the [Government’s] weapon of choice against anyone who dares to challenge its hegemony.

When [citizen], once the richest man in [country], used his oil wealth to promote human rights and democracy, [fascist leader] detected a threat to his throne.

The [citizen] was duly arrested and convicted of fraud. He now languishes in jail where he is in the third year of an eight-year prison sentence.

Almost every national radio and television station is now controlled directly or indirectly by the state, and the same applies to every newspaper of any influence.

That diminishing number who have the courage to investigate or speak out against the abuses perpetrated by the rich and powerful very soon find themselves out of a job – or, in an alarming number of cases, on the receiving end of a deadly bullet.

Some 20 journalists have been killed in suspicious circumstances since [fascist leader] came to office. No one has yet been convicted for any of these crimes.

[fascist leader] calls the system over which he presides “sovereign democracy”. I think a better term is “cryptofascism”

In the absence of any experience of accountability or transparency – the basic ingredients of an open society – even the most thoughtful [citizens] are prone to say: “[We] need a strong man at the center.”

Any guesses what country that is?

If we do not expect and demand justice and freedom, and instead only care about stability and security, then it won’t be long before the United States of America becomes like that country in all of the other ways shown above.

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