The Great S[t]eal

I feel like I’m watching a horror movie scripted by George Orwell.

Buy Danish on June 20, 2008 at 6:02 PM

No kidding. Some of the people on this thread have joked about this. Me? I’ve got a queasy feeling in my stomach and goosebumps. This is damn scary…

Consider all the elements on the original seal, the history and symbolism, and consider what has been changed…

1) The snake (enemy) has been removed from the eagle’s beak. We will no longer confront our enemies.

2) The eagle is not a bald eagle. This type of eagle was often prominently displayed in the crests of European countries. Even Hitler used it in his banners and artwork. Our unique symbol has been replaced with a European symbol.

3) Red, the color of blood and bravery has been erased from the field.

4) The shield, symbolizing defense, with the stripes of the thirteen colonies, united under the blue banner, is gone. It has been replaced with Obama’s own personal symbol.

5) All references to the 13 colonies… the olives, inner stars and stripes on the shield are gone. The history of thirteen independent colonies uniting as one nation, has been erased.

6) “Out of many, one” has been removed, replaced with Obama’s slogan.

7) The dark blue, the background for the stars, representing states rights has been replaced with a soft pastel blue.

8 ) The 50 stars, representing the 50 states, have disappeared.

So consider what has changed…

The individual states have been removed, our history erased, our symbol of power and unity neutered, and only One Government remains, with the messiah’s symbol in the center.

This isn’t a laughing matter. This is a disgusting, unholy abomination.

dominigan on June 20, 2008 at 9:48 PM


Vero Possumus ==> Yes, We Can ==> Sí se puede ==> César Chávez, student of… ==> Saul Alinsky, generally considered the father of community organizing and author of Rules for Radicals

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